Project NEON has been talked about for quite some time now. It is a major design shift for Microsoft that will be coming to Redstone 3, which is the Windows 10 update that will come after Windows 10 Creators Update launches next month.

Although some of the code from Project NEON is being incorporated into Insider preview builds for Windows 10, it’s not likely that we’ll see full implementation in Windows 10 Creators Update. Some elements may be there, but the bulk of design changes might not make it to the public before Redstone 3 is ready to launch.

That said, a recently leaked screenshot shows some of the key design changes:

Project NEON Redstone 3 Windows 10 Creators Update
Project NEON screenshot leak from Tom Hounsell on Twitter

The biggest change that we can see from the leaked screenshot from Project NEON is the borderless window. This is a flatter design, and may lead to confusion about where to place the mouse pointer to move a window or resize it, but we believe it’s just a matter of getting used to a new design element.

The taskbar is also getting a new look, and the new taskbar will have a lighter colored background with black text.

Several more changes have been noted in the past, including new animations and transitions. Of note is the fact that the new design language, MDL2 or Metro 2, could bring in a cross-device user interface (UI) that maps to the physical world using several elements such as 3D models, lighting and texture.

Unfortunately, Project NEON has not progressed far enough for it to come with Windows 10 Creators Update as originally thought. Creators Update is already feature-locked as far as we know, so Microsoft likely won’t roll out anything beyond what the last preview build 15031 has brought to the table.

That said, a few minor design elements from Project NEON could already have been incorporated into Windows 10 Creators Update, since various pieces of code have already been spotted in the preview builds.

Windows 10 Creators Update is already chock-full of features that bring the best of gaming, 3D and other experiences. We’re expecting a release date of March 30, when Dell Canvas ships out as the first product with the public version of Windows 10 Creators Update.

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