In case you missed this piece of news from earlier this week, a German Tesla Model S owner deliberately sacrificed his own car to save the life of another driver on Germany’s Autobahn highway.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk naturally heard about the much publicized act of valor and selflessness, and has decided to reward the Model S owner with expedited repairs and parts replacements.

Manfred Kick, the hero in this story, was driving along the Autobahn in his Model S when he noticed that the driver in front – in a Volkswagen Passat – was driving erratically on the road. Realizing that something was wrong, Kick pulled up alongside the swerving car and saw that the driver was unconscious.

Now here’s the amazing part of the story: without thinking about his own safety or the possibility of damaging his own expensive Model S, Kick pulled ahead of the Passat and started slowing down, forcing the Passat to come to a halt.

Kick later discovered that the driver of the Passat had passed out after experiencing a stroke.

The heroic act caught the eye of Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who quickly tweeted that Tesla would cover all repairs to the damaged car, and that the company would expedite the service so Kick could get his car back in mint condition as soon as possible.


What makes this newsworthy is the fact that Manfred Kick went out of the way to save a life, not caring about the fact that his own vehicle would be damaged, and possibly cost a lot of money to fix.

1redDrop salutes Manfred Kick for his selfless thinking, but we kind of think Musk should have gone one better and actually given him a brand new Tesla Model S for his act of bravery. That would certainly have been seen as a stronger act of support by the company.

What do you think? Let us know by dropping us a comment in the section below.

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  1. There is always a next step and you can always do better. The fact that they support the hero is amazing. No other manufacturer would have done the same. I think that it is great.
    But absolute respect for the driver. What a hero!

  2. What was the extent of damage?

    Free car replacement would make great PR, but free repairs is already wonderful and should be grateful. We must try not to abuse goodwill, while attempt to deter bad intent.

  3. Great news story for once. No delusions of grandeur to be reported or lies or egocentrisms AHHH. I’m getting me a cup of coffee.

  4. Less is more. Being environmentally conscious is about asserting the less, and not forcing the more. I applaud Elon for the offer. Turning the damaged car into mint condition is a greater challenge than just offering a new car.

    The damaged car is the hero car, just as its owner Manfred is the hero. It deserves to be restored properly.

  5. When you’re rear ended, it’s the other car drivers fault 🙂 The repairs are likely covered by insurance so Elon will likely use that resource or pay it himself later. He doesn’t know the legal part just yet, give it time.

  6. This is from the same person who is championing the art of “reusable”, and you want that he treats his cars as disposable? It is more than adequate that he has offered to repair the car for free, and with top priority at that. Some people are just never satisfied.

  7. To answer the article’s question: No I don’t think Elon Musk ( or Tesla ) should do more.

    I am a huge Tesla / SpaceX and Elon Fan boy.. I follow his companies with great admiration and almost fanaticism 🙂

    Elon Musk tops my personal list of people who I am in awe of and have admiration for. Like I said.. I am a huge fan boy! 🙂

    But ..

    I think the story should be completely focused on Manfred Kick. He is the real hero here. Tesla should not benefit from this ( publicity wise ) in any way. I realize the press are making a big deal about this because the car in question is a Tesla ( which is high-profile) and that is why this story has made it all the way to the press. But that is where the Tesla association (in this story) should stop. Focus should be on Manfred and his amazing deed and not about how wonderful Tesla should or should not be in this situation.

    Let Tesla win admiration on its own merits and on its own acts.

  8. Nice of Musk. I am sure the gentleman is happy with expedited parts and all the insurance companies liable delighted they are off the hook!

  9. Tesla bodies are very easy to replace. It is just like replacing the shell of a turtle. As long as the batteries and brain are intact located at the bottom under the seats:)


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