A newly created app called Reverb, developed by RAIN Labs, brings Amazon Alexa right to your browser, as well as Mac, iOS and Android devices. The free app allows you to sign in to your Amazon account and start using Amazon Alexa just as you would on the Amazon Echo family of devices.

Once you download and install the app, or open the reverb.ai site on your browser, you’ll see a familiar blue ring that represents Alexa. Assuming your PC is connected to a speaker and microphone, you can ask Alexa to give you news updates, set alarms and timers, play audiobooks and do other things that are now available with Alexa v2.

However, Amazon has blocked the use of Amazon Music from the app itself, so you can do just about everything other than ask Alexa to play music from the Amazon Music collection.

To engage Alexa, press and hold or click and hold on the area within the blue ring, and then talk to the smart assistant as you normally would. For search functionality, the app uses Google Search to help you find virtually anything you need.

The Reverb app is intended for Amazon Echo device owners who want to extend Alexa’s capability to any internet-connected mobile or desktop device, but it can also be used by prospective Echo buyers to test out Alexa before they spend money on a device.

For Mac and iOS device owners, it also lets you compare Alexa with Apple’s own Siri, which comes as part of macOS Sierra.

To download the Reverb app or access it through your browser, please visit the secure Reverb website here.

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