Despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch release was rushed, there’s a tremendous upside to it now that the new hybrid gaming system was well-received by the gaming community. New gaming titles apart, Nintendo is now working on bringing additional functionality into Nintendo Switch, such as the ability to stream content from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

On Wednesday, Nintendo America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime told The Washington Post that the company is, in fact, working to bring this functionality on the Switch. Even though Fils-Aime’s rhetoric on “long-term success” appears to address the question of why the launch lineup of games on Nintendo Switch was less than impressive, the reality is that a gaming console today is used for much more than just gaming:

“When you think about a new platform, what will define it as a long-term success are the ongoing range of games and experiences that come to the platform — not what’s available on Day One. For the Nintendo Switch, we were very deliberate in wanting to make sure, from a Nintendo publish standpoint, that we had a steady cadence of great games in addition to strong titles at launch.”

“My answer is to look at the games that have been announced and are in development, and that should drive your purchase decision.”

On the added functionality that brings media streaming from paid service providers like Netflix, Fils-Aime says:

“We’re talking to a range of companies about other services, companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon — things that will come in time,” Fils-Aime told The Washington Post in an interview. “In our view, these are not differentiators. What differentiates us is the way you play with the Nintendo Switch and what you can play. And that will continue to be our focus into the future as we continue driving this platform.”

While that’s a better way to put the fact that the Nintendo Switch was a rushed product, it’s encouraging to note that the company took a risk and got the product out as soon as it could.

Yes, the Nintendo Switch does come with its own set of problems, and customers are already complaining about the lack of launch-day games and the lack of app support – not even a browser.

But on the positive side (for Nintendo, at least), the demand for the Switch was so high that nearly every outlet sold out on the first day. Nintendo will be re-stocked soon, but the question now is as much about how soon the new gaming system can bring additional apps and games to the user’s experience, as when supply can catch up with demand.

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