Microsoft High On Office 365 Success

  • Do you know how popular Office 365 is compared to Google Apps for Work? You’ll be surprised!
  • Microsoft’s sales strategy for Office 365 has been aggressive and controversial, but it has been extremely effective.
  • The ball is now in Google’s court. Can they respond with an equally aggressive strategy and astonish us with their numbers over the next few quarters?

When I first read about how Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) was slowly edging out Google  Apps from the office suite space, I was a little surprised. To be honest, I didn’t really know the numbers, but I had a bias towards Google Apps. I’d been using it for quite a while and everyone I knew used it as well, so in my mind it was the best option in the business.

But the moment I started digging for the facts, I was shocked by how cleverly Microsoft has been going about decimating Google’s position in the top three – along with  and Box . I also found several interesting things about both Google Apps as well as Office 365.

A Primer on Office Suite from Google and Microsoft

An office suite from a cloud application perspective is a set of tools designed for businesses to operate more efficiently and with a much lower investment in IT infrastructure. It’s not an infrastructure service as much as an appealing cloud environment, where company employees can collaborate more effectively, access their files from anywhere without major security concerns and access the tools they need to do their jobs.

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