Seekingalpha IBM Exclusive Interview Series 1: Inhi Cho Suh On The Future Of Analytics As A Service

A few days ago I was contacted by IBM’s (NYSE:IBM) corporate communications department and asked if I wanted to meet with some of their executives to learn more about specific areas of business, acquisition plans, strategies and key partnerships in cloud, analytics and other verticals.

After deeply considering the offer – for about half a nanosecond – I agreed.

My first interview was with Inhi Cho Suh, the newly appointed GM for Collaboration Solutions. Anyone who has seen Inhi at a conference or in a video knows that she breathes big data and analytics. Eighteen years at IBM has honed her skills to a razor’s edge, and when she speaks, you’re naturally drawn into her world of high technology.

The first interview essentially covered analytics and big data, and how IBM is revolutionizing that space by leveraging high-end applications to reach out to the small business owner as much as larger businesses and enterprises.

In the interview, Inhi passionately talks about how one small business owner starts out by “checking out” their analytics service for 15-20 minutes but spends three hours fascinated by the story of his own company and how the data he’s been sitting on is presented in such an engaging manner.

The uptake of their analytics-as-a-service was the starting point of this conversation and this article covers our discussion on this specific segment.

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