4 iPhone 7 Tips for Longer Battery Life, Also Works for iPhone 6 Series

Everyone is excited about the September 7 launch of the brand new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from Apple. The new model comes with a better battery they say, but most iPhone users know that some apps can really drain your battery, forcing you to charge it during the day.

So, make note of these iOS 9 and iOS 10 tips and tricks to maximize your battery once you get your brand new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus this September.

Shut Up, Siri

On all devices running iOS 9 and earlier models that have Siri, you know that Siri is always running in the background, which is why she responds so quickly to “Hey, Siri.” But that feature also consumers a lot of your iPhone battery. If you’re not a Siri person or you rarely use her services, just do this:

Settings > General > Siri > Turn Off Siri (or just disable voice activation)


Low and Slow

If you know you’re going to need a lot of juice and can’t get to a charger soon, you can use the new low power mode on the iOS 9 or higher. It normally kicks in at 20% and shuts down all background apps, but at 10% it will shut off everything except the phone and texting. You can also turn the low power mode on at a higher battery level if you want to.

Settings > Battery > Toggle the switch to on


Wi-Fi Assist

This is a feature not many iPhone users have used simply because they are unfamiliar with it. When the Wi-Fi signal that you are signed into is weak, your phone uses extra power to maintain the link with whatever signal is available. This can use up a considerable amount of battery power. Wi-Fi assist will switch your phone over to mobile data whenever the Wi-Fi signal drops below a particular signal strength, so this can help boost your battery life in such situations.

Settings > Cellular > Turn on Wi-Fi Assist



4G and Bluetooth

These two features really suck up your iPhone battery, so if you’re just checking your emails or reviewing documents you won’t need 4G. Also, turn off your Bluetooth if you’re not using a paired device. Both these will save you quite a few hours of battery life.

Settings > Mobile > Enable LTE > Turn off


Follow these tips when you get your new iPhone 7 or even on your existing iOS 9 device and you’ll see a marked difference in how long your iPhone battery lasts.