Google’s Virtual Reality (VR) Platform “Daydream” Launching Soon

In a matter of weeks, we’ll be able to download virtual reality software from Google’s virtual reality hybrid store that they’re calling Daydream. And they’re not doing it quietly, either. Google plans to hire YouTube celebrities iJustine and the Dolan Twins to promote their user-immersive software platform. But that’s not all.

Google is also partnering with video streaming site Hulu to do a full 360-degree promotional launch for the service. They’re also in the process of tying up with several companies that produce gaming and music apps, and there’s even talk of roping in sports leagues for the grand promo.

What is Google Daydream?

Google Daydream is essentially a cloud-based software development platform on which independent developers can develop and market their own apps for iOS and Android. It’s very similar to the Apple App Store or Google Play, but will be exclusive to virtual reality apps.

Google is no newbie to virtual reality. They already have Google Cardboard, which is a piece of VR hardware that people can put together themselves, and it supports a range of mobile virtual reality programs. The best part is the new YouTube app for iOS that lets you watch YouTube videos in VR mode using Google Cardboard. You can read about it here.

Google’s strategy for mobile VR is simple – go for the masses. With Facebook’s Oculus VR, Sony’s Playstation VR and even Microsoft Hololens products costing hundreds of dollars, Google Cardboard was an attempt to reach everyone with VR technology. Daydream is a further extension of that, and one that we hope will bring on an entire new generation of VR-capable mobile applications in gaming, entertainment and perhaps even productivity.

Some New VR Gear As Well?

But this time Google is going beyond Cardboard and may actually have a brand new headset to go with the Daydream apps. Here’s what they show on their website.


The headset comes with an intuitive controller that you would use to point and click on various objects and menu items within your Virtual Reality environment.

The proliferation of “VR for the masses” is a tremendous shift from expensive hardware that Microsoft, Facebook and Sony have showcased. Many feel that this is Google’s edge over the mobile VR space. With the entire world moving towards a mobile experience, Daydream could well be the next Google Play for the company.

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