After Surface Phone, Apple Now Faces iMac Threat from Microsoft Surface Cardinal PCs

Hot on the heels of speculation that Microsoft would launch Surface Phone around the same time as Apple’s iPhone 7, news has broken out that the Redmond-based Windows maker now plans to release an all-in-one PC called Surface Cardinal next month that might take a bite out of Apple’s iMac sales. Surface Phone is also expected to release around the same time in October, presumably alongside the much-hyped Surface Pro 5 tablets.

The Surface range of tablets are already a major hit in the market because they can be converted into hybrid laptops with a keyboard, mouse and touch pen interface. Microsoft hopes it can make Surface Cardinal equally appealing, and several tech analysts are saying that it could rival Apple’s desktop products.

Surface Cardinal is expected to come in three screen sizes: 21, 24 and 27 inches. Obviously, it will run on the Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft also has plans to release a PC capable of running Microsoft Holograph, a virtual reality platform that can run VR and AR apps for those who already own a VR headset. It may not feature on the Cardinal PC, but we should see that capability sometime next year. Microsoft’s version combines real-life objects and virtual ones in the same environment. It also combines 2D and 3D applications, as well as Universal Windows applications, to create a unique experience called Mixed Reality, or MR.

Why Surface is Microsoft’s Big Future Bet

Surface products have become increasingly popular in recent times. Though relatively new as a brand, Surface tablets as well as Surface Book have sold enough units to enable the company to continually release new versions. The latest of these is Surface Pro 5, which could see the light of day late in October if all goes according to plan.

While there’s no way to tell what kind of an impact Surface Cardinal will have on Apple sales, it’s likely that they can gain significant market share in the first three months when people are still curious about the product. Not that’s it’s a breakthrough device or anything because companies like Lenovo already make all-in-one tablet/PC hybrids like the 27-inch Yoga 900.


However, this is Microsoft’s way of declaring their relevance in today’s hardware market where companies like Apple, Samsung and Lenovo dominate the landscape, aside from several other Chinese giants like Huawei and Xiaomi.

Let’s hope the Cardinal does what it’s supposed to do and give Microsoft the chance to take its place among the top device makers of the world.

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