It’s Sunday! Another opportunity to share with you some of the best premium iPhone apps that are available for free as of today.

I can’t promise that these three apps will still be free tomorrow so check them out and see how you like them.

Of course, once you download them they’re free forever and will ‘live’ in your iTunes login even if you switch to the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. All of these iPhone apps support iOS 9, and updates should be on the way for the iOS 10 release this Tuesday, September 13 or sometime soon.

Also, once you’ve read this article, be sure check out some very cool iOS 10 features that we’ve showcased in our recent article here.

Disclaimer: these aren’t our apps so we cannot control when they will be taken off the “free” list. If it shows the “Get” text on the download button in iTunes, it’s still free. If it shows anything else, that means they’ve made it premium again and you’ll need to pay to download.

So here are my favorite premium freebie iPhone apps for today…

Phone Doctor Plus


This is your run-of-the-mill memory, network and battery monitoring app, but I really like the UI (user interface) that the apps creators have designed. Here’s what it does:

It integrates hardware, storage, memory and battery monitoring and lays it out in a convenient way for you to see how your phone is doing at any given time. If your phone slows down, for example, just open up the app and make the suggested tweaks to get it “up to speed.”

Download Link: Phone Doctor Plus

MyMusic Pro


This is a very cool app that normally sells for $3.99, but it’s yours all day for free. Using this YouTube API application, you never need to open YouTube ever again. Search for videos and channels, manage your playlists and basically manage your YouTube account through this app. Simple, convenient and – for today only – free to download!)

Download Link: MyMusic Pro

Sweet Greets – Video Greeting Card Creator


Bored with No sweat. Use Sweet Greets to create personalized video greetings so you never have to send the same card to two people ever again. Having a party? Send out custom video invitations and watch those RSVPs flooding your message inbox!

Easy-to-use, and takes only seconds to create a selfie video greeting or shoot a video to put in your video greeting. Nobody else in the world will have that video greeting card that you send out because you’ve created it from scratch with a new video, fresh text and a bunch of cool font and image options to go with your custom video. And you can send it via email or text to as many people as you want free of charge.

Download Link: Sweet Greets

Happy downloading and have an APP-solutely awesome Sunday from 1redDrop!

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