Samsung Galaxy Note 7 May Re-launch on October 21 after Explosions and Overheating Issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to a recent report by Venture Beat, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could see a re-launch of sorts on October 21. Nearly two months after the original launch and about a month and a half after the launch of its biggest competitors iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the Galaxy Note 7 could once again be available for sale.

After several incidents about the battery on the Note 7 causing the device to overheat and actually catch fire or explode in certain cases, Samsung may well put the device on sale once again and try to recoup its losses over the past month. We reported earlier that more than 1 million Note 7s in the United States and a total of 2.5 million devices around the world were recalled by the company after the reports flooded media channels.

The bad PR that Samsung received from this debacle hasn’t stopped them from trying again, and in about one month from now we could see the Note 7 launched yet again. Hopefully, this time it will be the their sales exploding rather than the devices themselves.

Samsung’s high-end smartphones are in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this year. The Galaxy S7 was released to great reviews, and had it not been for the unfortunate problem with the Note 7, that device is likely to have been a hit as well. It’s not often that you get a second chance in the highly sensitive and competitive premium smartphone market, but consumers may well give Samsung this opportunity because they know that the manufacturer is probably the only real competitor to Apple’s premium devices at this point.

And on that “note”, we invite you to read what we know about the Galaxy S8 that’s coming out next year. Could it really be accompanied with a foldable Galaxy X as rumors suggest? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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