Minecraft Boss Update, Add-ons (Oct 18) coming to iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Samsung Gear VR

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It’s finally here! The much-awaited Boss Update for Minecraft Pocket Edition is coming on October 18. The update will come to iPhones and Android devices, but reports say that Windows 10 beta edition Samsung Gear VR editions of the game will also receive the October Boss Update.

The upcoming update will bring on Boss Battles with new enemies like the Elder Guardian and Wither. The update will also feature the Ocean Monument that players can explore, and that’s where the Elder Guardian lives.

ocean monument minecraft boss update add-ons
Ocean Monument – Home of the Elder Guardian, Image Credit: Minecraft, Business Insider

But for most Minecrafters that have been playing the game on their PCs since 2011, the real thrill of the new updates for iOS and Android smartphones will be the Add-ons that everyone’s been waiting for. The two that will be featured on this update are Castle Siege and Alien Invasion.

These add-ons will allow players to make “mods” or custom modifications to the game environment, something that PC gamers have been doing for several years but is finally going to be available on the mobile Minecraft Pocket Edition. We’re not sure that the add-ons will be as powerful as what you can do on a PC, but even simple modding functionality is certainly going to delight parents who want their kids to learn the basics of game programming.

According to the game’s creators, Mojang:

“By editing simple text files, anyone can tweak Minecraft itself to add enormous explosions to tiny chickens or make villagers run at lightning speed to chase away any new monster mob you choose to create.”

Basically, the easy mods will let you change your environment in several ways, making gameplay much more customized and a lot more exciting than before. One of the things that made Minecraft so popular was the fact that kids can create their own mods on their PCs, and see how others like it. In fact, millions of kids the world over owe their coding skills to Minecraft but it was never planned that way.

In an interview with the New York Times this April, lead developer for Minecraft, Jens Bergensten, said this: “We have never done things with that sort of intent. We always made the game for ourselves.”

Despite the intent not being there, Minecraft has inspired a whole new generation of game programmers by making it easy to understand how code is written, and providing a live platform for kids to do their own modding.

The Minecraft Boss Update will be available as a free download on October 18 from Minecraft’s official site, and you can also download examples of add-ons if you want to see how they’ve been created or even play around with them.

Boss Add-ons, Ahoy!

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