Google’s “The Keyword” Replaces 19 Official Blogs, Will be Google’s Single Voice on Multiple Topics

Google this week launched something called The Keyword. What is it? According to the about Google’s blog post, it is a “new, central destination for the latest news updates and stories from inside Google.” The Keyword is a consolidation of no less than 19 of their official English-language blogs, and will contain every newsworthy tidbit from Google.

This is what the webpage looks like:


From major announcements to fun updates, The Keyword comes with rich media as well:

“The Keyword is designed to grow and change as we do, so as we introduce new products and technologies they can find a home here. It will guide you to the big news of the week while leaving room for smaller, fun updates from that afternoon. And everything comes with bigger, more beautiful images, videos and slideshows.”

Google says that followers of the other blogs don’t need to worry because their bookmarks and feeds will all be redirected to The Keyword so they don’t miss out on anything. The company also intends to retain some niche blogs such as the one for advertisers and the one for developers.

But one interesting thing I noticed about their blog post was their reference to mobile phones. Talking about the launch of Google’s first blog in 2004, the blog says “…when mobile phones looked like this” and then linked the word “this” to a Google Search results page for “mobile phones 2004.”

I don’t know whether that’s just a random reference or a hint about the Oct 4 event in San Francisco, where Google will likely be launching the Google Pixel smartphone, among other new products like a new 4K capable Chromecast, the smart speaker Google Home device, a 7-inch tablet from Huawei and possibly even a device running on their yet-unveiled Andromeda OS, a hybrid between Android and ChromeOS.

The Oct 4 event has been highly publicized by Google, with massive billboards, building-side projections and even standalone “statues” showing a smartphone-shaped outline with Oct 4 on the left and the “G” logo on the right.

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