Apple MacOS Sierra Auto-download will Start Today – How to Turn it Off

Upgrade from OS X to Sierra

Starting today, Apple is “strongly encouraging” Mac users to upgrade to the macOS Sierra. But before you panic, you should know that it won’t install automatically. It still needs your permission to be installed, but Apple will download it to your system if you have enough space, it is compatible and you’ve set auto-download to ‘on’.

It’s funny that this isn’t causing widespread indignation the way Windows 10 forced upgrade did last year, but to be clear, the Windows 10 upgrade would sometimes install itself. That’s most likely why Apple’s forced upgrade is being seen as a softer approach, and not one to draw a lot of criticism.

I’m already on the macOS Sierra 10.12 now, and I think it’s an awesome upgrade to the OS X. Especially with Siri now integrated into the system, finding files, photos and videos is an absolute breeze. And she even understands my Indian accent! LOL

If you ask me I think you should keep the auto-upgrade, but if for some reason you still want to stick with Yosemite or El Capitan, you can turn it off in your Systems Preference by selecting App Store and tweaking your choices there.

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