Nokia 301 Stops Bullet, Saves Man’s Life in Afghanistan – What Can Your Smartphone Do?

Nokia 301 - The bullet stopper!

The weirdest things happen around the world on a daily basis. Last week, a man in Afghanistan had his life saved when his Nokia 301 took a bullet for him. Literally. The bullet was seen embedded in the phone, which was totaled, by the way, and the man responsible for bringing this news to the world was none other than Peter Skillman, one of the design executives that worked on the 2013 Nokia 301 in question. Skillman’s Tweet is shown below…


We don’t know who the man was whose life was saved by his faithful Nokia 301 – Skillman didn’t share any further details.

As far as we know, this isn’t the first time a phone has saved someone’s life by taking the bullet for them. A report from nearly three years ago in Florida shows that a gas station clerk had his HTC smartphone stop a bullet for him. Here’s the phone after the incident, as shown in a follow up report by The Register:


The only question I have for you as a reader is: do you have a friend like a Nokia 301 or an HTC that would take a bullet for you? If not, maybe it’s time to get a Nokia.

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