New Windows 10 Version of “Paint” will have 3D Support, New UI

Everybody’s favorite Windows app, and one of the oldest – Microsoft Paint – is getting a Windows 10 facelift that will not only give it a new user interface, but also the ability to add 3D objects and paint on them directly. As such, there are tremendous application capabilities in augmented reality using the HoloLens. Read on to see screenshots and a video preview of the new Paint app from Microsoft.

The new Paint on Windows 10 will likely be a Windows Store App, similar to what they’ve done with Calendar and Mail. Essentially, it’s known as a UWP app (Universal Windows Platform) that can run on different device types such as Surface Pro tablets, desktops, Surface Hub and so on.

But the best part is that the 3D support should give us some interesting use cases with the HoloLens. Until now, Paint has been a purely 2D experience, but this new functionality will expand the capabilities exponentially. Of course, you’ll have all the features you’re familiar with from the older versions of Paint, but with 3D capability Microsoft has just stepped up the game and tremendously increased the usage potential for the app.

Earlier this year Windows 10 Update revealed some photos and screengrabs of the rehashed app, shown below:



Now there’s even a video preview of the new Paint.

Watch the video:

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