How Fast are Apple Device Owners Switching to iOS 10?

iOS 10 screen shots

According to data released by Mobile Marketing firm Fiksu, iOS 10 adoption has been on fire since its launch on September 13. In 27 days since the release iOS 10 is installed on 67% of devices, better than the previous record holder iOS 9 which had 61.6% after the same period of time.

iOS 10 adoption rate versus other iOS versions

Source: Fiksu

A fast rate of adoption helps creators of operating systems in more ways than one. Often, users will react slowly to major upgrades, and this means the company has to keep feeding updates to both versions. When adoption rates hit 60%+ in the first month, however, it allows the company to focus on updates to the latest version and let remaining users slowly migrate as and when they want.

Apple has long been anal about users getting on the latest OS version, but users are helping them because Apple proactively rolled out beta after beta to developers and to the public before the actual release.

In this iteration of iOS, they’ve paid a lot of attention to the Messages application, upgrading it in many ways and offering new user experiences that are eerily similar to what a social network might offer – custom bubbles, one-tap replies and so on.

Though not necessarily what you would call a pathbreaking release, iOS 10 does bring Siri to the forefront and offer several key changes in the Music and News sections. They’ve also given Maps an overhaul, something they’ve been working on to stay competitive against Google Maps.

iOS 10 app description

What we’re noticing is that Apple has given iOS 10 a heavy social twist with emphasis on artificial intelligence in the form of an improved Siri and the Home app for controlling smart home devices.

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