Microsoft Surface All-In-One (AIO) PC Inspired by Apple iMac, Launching Oct 26

Microsoft Surface all-in-one PC (AIO) launching Oct 26, 2016

We know that the October 26 hardware event in New York will be a landmark of sorts for Microsoft, but the company itself is calling it a Windows 10 event. However, people inside Microsoft have indicated that the company will indeed launch a Surface All-In-One (AIO) PC at the event, and that it has been inspired by Apple’s iMac.

Concept design: Microsoft All-In-One PC with new keyboard and mouse
Concept design: Microsoft All-In-One PC with new keyboard and mouse

There are rising concerns that the Surface PC may take away attention from Microsoft’s other devices, but it’s becoming clear that there will be no Surface Pro 5 or refreshed Surface Book at the event.

As for the Surface AIO PC being inspired by the Apple iMac, there could be some similar design elements, but other reports show that this particular PC from Microsoft – the first that the company has ever built – could be of a modular design. That means components can be added on to a “stack”, thereby adding extra functionality, memory and so on.

That makes sense because people might change their smartphone every two years, but PCs are generally kept for much longer. The problem with buying electronics these days is that they become obsolete almost as soon as you walk out of the store. And that’s a big problem for high-priced items like PCs. As such, Microsoft could be trying to solve that problem by making an easily upgradable version of the PC where components can be added or removed conveniently by the users themselves.

With less than two weeks to the event, Surface Pro 4 seems to be getting a lot of attention on Amazon with some amazing deep discounts. At the high end, you can save $560 on the 1TB Surface Pro 4 with the 16GB RAM and Intel Core i7 processor, now retailing at $2,138.95 with free shipping. For the base model 128 GB with 4 GB RAM and an Intel Core M processor, you save $200 from the original list price of $899.

Hopefully, Microsoft will reveal some sales numbers or at least sales growth for the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, both of which have a solid consumer following.

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