Apple Watch series 2 Nike+ Coming on October 28, More Accurate Distance Tracking

Apple Watch series 2 Nike+ edition available October 28

If you’re been sitting on the fence waiting for Apple to release the Nike+ edition of Apple Watch series 2, you might not have to wait that much longer. The “runners” variant of Apple Watch series 2 is finally here, and will be in stores starting October 28. Here’s what we know so far about the Nike+ edition.

The first major change from the original Apple Watch to the latest variants, of course, is GPS tracking. That’s huge at this point because you won’t need to tether it to your phone when running or doing other activities. This is especially crucial on the Nike+ edition since it is intended primarily for runners. As a result, distance tracking should be far more accurate on the Apple Watch series 2 Nike+ edition.

Specific to the Nike+ edition is the fact that it comes with Nike’s software, but that’s not the best part. That would be having all your stats on the same screen without having to swipe or tap or anything. And the UI that Nike has come up with is slick and attractive, as well as intuitive.

For those who don’t like sweaty watch straps, the Nike+ edition comes with a much more breathable strap with large ventilation holes and is available in four colors – essentially, permutations of black, white, green and grey.

The watch tracks the four essential metrics that runners typically need – distance, pace, heart rate and calorie burn. You can install third-party apps as alternatives, but more early reviewers felt that Nike’s own app was better even than Apple’s watch apps.

The Nike+ edition comes with two unique watch faces, but you can also use the original ones that come with the Apple Watch series 2.

The one gripe that anyone could have is possibly that the Nike app isn’t really the best one around. Garmin fans typically swear that Garmin Connect is the definitive running app, but unfortunately it hasn’t come to watchOS yet. However, it is available for iOS devices on iTunes, although it can’t yet sync data between Apple Watch and Garmin so the app is basically only for Garmin devices.

Overall, considering there’s really no price difference between the Nike+ and other base variants, it’s the Nike branding, app and perforated strap that give you reasons to buy the Nike+ edition. Click here to go to the Apple Store online to see all Apple Watch series 2 Nike+ variants.

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