Amazon Launches Yet Another Amazon Prime Freebie – Family Vault

Amazon Prime launches Family Vault for unlimited photo storage and 5GB video storage

Amazon today announced the launch of yet another service for its Amazon Prime subscribers, called Family Vault. Amazon’s U.S. Prime members can now invite up to five family members or friends to join the family vault, which offers unlimited storage of photos and an additional 5 GB for videos and other files.

It must also be noted that when Google recently launched its new smartphone, the Pixel, the company offered unlimited storage for photos and videos. As cloud companies offering infrastructure to clients around the world, Amazon, Google and Microsoft are building several data centers around the world. Both Google and Amazon are now looking to exploit their own strength and are trying to turn that into an advantage for their users.

The only problem with this kind of free service is that it puts other companies – the ones that ask you to pay for cloud storage – under immense pressure, making them look like they are overcharging for a service that could have been easily made free.

Google Pixel Fires Salvo Across Apple’s Nose with Unlimited Cloud Storage

Amazon Prime Growth Strategy

Amazon also recently launched Amazon Prints, which allows users to print photos, order photo books and double-sided cards, directly pitting the service against Shutterfly. If you remember, Amazon simultaneously removed the $12 Unlimited Photos option from their site. It seems now that the move was actually in preparation for Family Vault.

Now, by offering an unlimited storage option for photos (note that they offer limited storage for videos – smart move!) to its ever-growing Amazon Prime user base, and at the same time allowing them to invite other people, Amazon is possibly trying to get users to experience its Family Vault while also keeping the door ajar for them to try Amazon Prints. That means they’d have to get on a Prime subscription first.

It looks like Amazon will stop at nothing to get every possible eligible person in the United States to be on their Prime program. So what else is new?

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