Microsoft to Launch Surface PC Today. Watch it Live!

Concept design: Microsoft All-In-One PC with new keyboard and mouse

Things are getting white hot on the subject of Microsoft’s rumored All-In-One (AIO) Surface PC that has been inspired by the Apple iMac, and today is the day we’ll see if the Redmond software giant is, in fact, going to launch a revolutionary modular PC that is easily upgradable, versatile and a true hero of the Surface family.

At 10 am in New York today, Microsoft will kick off its live event. They’re calling it a Windows 10 event so we’re sure to hear some important news about Redstone 2, the latest update to Windows 10 that everyone’s been talking about.

As for the Surface PC, one source has dug up the name Surface Studio as the final name for the secret project that Microsoft has been working on for a long time. The rumor came from the fact that a Slovenian company has applied for a trademark on the name Surface Studio, and their legal representative is the same company that has applied for Microsoft trademarks in Slovenia in the past. The Verge says that this ties in with ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley talking about a product last month that could “turn your desk into a studio.”

Personally, I prefer the codename that Microsoft has reportedly been using for the Surface PC – Cardinal. But Surface Studio might catch on, who knows.

As we reported earlier, the All-In-One Surface PC – Cardinal, Studio or whatever it’s going to be called – could be seen sporting a modular design that lets you upgrade individual components like memory, wireless capability and so on. Here’s that report from earlier this month:

Surface Cardinal: The All-in-One PC from Microsoft May Feature a Modular Design

Microsoft is broadcasting the event live on their site. Don’t forget, it starts in just a few hours – at 10 am Eastern Time – and you can watch it here:

Microsoft Windows 10 Event

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