Microsoft Surface Studio All-In-One PC Now Available for Pre-order

Surface Studio all-in-one PC ready for pre-order. Delivery in 2017

At yesterday’s Windows 10 event, Microsoft made some major announcements. There’s a new Windows 10 Update coming early 2017 with 3D tools, live streaming and a ton of other features for creators, and it will be called Creators Update.

There was also a rehashed Surface Book with 30% more battery power, a 3D Paint application, a new VR headset for a surprisingly low price of $299 and a lot more.

But the biggest unveiling, of course, was Surface Studio, something we’ve been following ever since it was codenamed Surface Cardinal.


The PC sports the world’s thinnest LCD screen with most stunning display specs in its category and is extremely minimalistic in design, but boasts an NVIDIA GeForce 980M graphics card and an Intel i7 processor powering user experience from the inside.

Those who preorder before December 1 this year will also get the Surface Dial, a new rotary input device that provides haptic feedback and can also be used directly on the screen. We’re yet to see it up close, but it should be a game changer like the mouse was in its day.

Surface Dial, a haptic-feedback input device for Surface Studio
Surface Dial, a haptic-feedback input device for Surface Studio

The Surface Studio PC is available at $2,999 and can be preordered for 2017 delivery at the company’s online Microsoft Store.

Surface Studio Preorder Page

If you go to the Surface products page here, you’ll also be able to see the new Surface Book as well as the Surface Pro 4. Currently, there’s no word on either the Surface Phone or the Surface Pro 5, both of which we expect will be launched in Spring 2017.

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