iOS 10.1 Broke My Health App! Is There a Fix for This Yet?

iOS 10.1 issue - Health app data being deleted

Numerous reports have flooded in about iOS 10.1 playing havoc with the Health App and all of its saved data on devices that recently upgraded to the new operating system version. While Apple is yet to push a patch through to resolve the issue, as far as we know, dozens, if not hundreds of people have experienced similar issues. What’s the actual problem, and is there a workaround for this?

What’s the Issue with iOS 10.1 and the Health App?

The key issue is data loss. Users who have upgraded to iOS 10.1 since the official release on Monday are reporting that their Health app data is being deleted.

In some cases, the app itself freezes when trying to retrieve the data, crashing into the Home screen.

The problem is actually quite widespread judging by the fact that other health app makers are urging their users not to upgrade to iOS 10.1.

The upgrade was essential because it not only brought to life “Portrait Mode” on iPhone 7 Plus, but it also fixed a major security flaw that allows hackers to get into and control your device using a corrupted image file.

Is There a Fix Yet? What’s Going On?

As of now, there’s no “fix” for this new bug on iOS 10.1. However, if you’ve been backing up your data to iCloud, you may still be able to retrieve it to your iPhone or iPad.

You may also be able to find it among your iTunes back up files. These seem to be the only two ways to restore your Health app data at the moment.

A few tech experts have faced this problem as well, but they were unable to retrieve the data with factory reset or a favorites reset on the Health app. Basically, all of your Health app data – nutrition, activity and sleep records – may be completely wiped out.

Apple is yet to suggest a fix or push an update to solve this new problem, but it’s unlikely that your data can ever be retrieved even with an iOS 10.1.1 update if they do release one.

Unfortunately, that’s bad news for Apple Watch owners since most of us depend on it for fitness and health tracking.

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