Windows 10 Updates to Become Faster with Unified Update Platform (UUP)

Microsoft launches Universal Update Platform for faster Windows 10 updates

Microsoft has launched the Unified Update Platform after user concerns over the amount of time and the resources that typical Windows 10 updates were using up. Windows 10 updates will now become much faster and use less system resources because the file sizes of updates will be much smaller.

The UUP will also seamlessly push updates to smartphones running on Windows 10 Mobile.

The streamlining of updates for Windows 10 is critical at this point because of what Microsoft ultimately wants Windows 10 to become. With several updates planned for the next whole year and possibly beyond, it is imperative that Microsoft address user issues sooner rather than later.

But if you’re worried about major changes to the Windows 10 operating platform, director of program management for the Windows Insider Program and OS fundamentals at Microsoft, Bill Karagounis, says it’s not going to be an issue at all:

“Because more processing is being done by the service, this will lead to faster checks for update operations. It’s important to note that with UUP, nothing will look or behave differently on the surface, UUP is all underlying platform and service optimization that happens behind the scenes.”

So, effectively, you won’t notice a thing, but any updates your system downloads and installs will supposedly be much quicker and use less of your computer’s resources.

According to Karagounis, users of Windows 10 do not have access to UUP as yet. The initial launch is part of a Windows 10 Mobile public beta build that was released on Thursday, November 3, and a similar beta build for PCs should be available to members of the Windows Insider Program later this year. The Insider builds for HoloLens and Windows 10 IoT will follow soon after.

That should come as a relief for most of us who’ve been at the “endless waiting” end of Windows 10 updates in the past. With Unified Update Platform, Microsoft says it will be able to offer users the ability to only download the parts of Windows 10 that have been updated, and even for larger updates that should cut down update file sizes by about 35%.

With the Creators Update planned for Spring 2017, Microsoft is making sure that user experience isn’t affected in an adverse way. During the Windows 10 Anniversary update and subsequent builds, several users complained about download and installation times, not to mention the various bugs that have plagued Windows 10 for the past year or more.

As we’ve noted before, Windows 10 adoption is critical to Microsoft’s new ecosystem of software on the cloud and supporting devices. Over time, adoption rate should pick up as more shipments with Windows 10 go out the door. For now, however, we’ve estimated that less than one in four Windows PC users have actually upgraded to Windows 10.

If you want a free Windows 10 upgrade, it’s still available directly from Microsoft.

Get a Free Windows 10 Upgrade (scroll to the bottom of that article for two download options)

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