SnapChat has a New Investor – Google Capital – Ahead of Planned IPO in 2017

CapitalG, formerly Google Capital, invests in SnapChat, now re-branded to Snap, Inc.

Google Capital, the investment arm of Alphabet, Inc. that was recently re-branded to CapitalG now features the SnapChat logo alongside other investments it has made in companies like Glassdoor and Airbnb.

The logo was spotted by Business Insider, but apart from that there doesn’t seem to be much else. We’re still waiting on Google or SnapChat to comment on this new addition to the CapitalG portfolio, but at least we know that Google has, in fact, thrown some of their weight behind SnapChat.

It should be noted that Google was rumored to buy the company for $4 billion back in 2013 after Facebook put in a bid for $3 billion, but both offers were rejected. But if Google’s parent company is once again making an attempt to invest in the photo and video sharing app company, then it’s likely that they’ll be keen on increasing their stake in the future.

Alphabet’s presence in social media is lacking, to say the least. Google Plus didn’t deliver like it was supposed to and, now, a possible Twitter acquisition seems to be off the table as well. It makes sense for them to have a long-term plan with someone like Snap, Inc. That rebranding seems to have happened recently – it was a rumor a little more than a month ago, but the new website now confirms this.

And now, with Snap, Inc. rumored to be planning an IPO in March 2017, it’s critical for Google to get in at this point.

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