Best Windows 10 Universal Apps of 2016…So Far!

Best Windows 10 Universal Apps 2016

As Microsoft pushes its Windows 10 agenda using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), several companies have released what are called Universal Apps. These are Windows 10 apps that will work on any device running Windows 10 – from smartphones like the Windows 10 Alcatel IDOL 4S and Lumia 950, to high-powered desktop PCs like the Surface Studio, and everything in between.

Here’s a list of some of the best ones we’ve seen so far this year. Obviously, this list is going to grow, but we’re off to a great start with these!

Note: The links provided will take you directly to the Windows Store on the Microsoft Store website. As such, you can only download the apps from a Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 device.

What this list does NOT include:

We haven’t listed the vast bank of PC games that you can find on Windows Store because the ones you can use on Xbox One and Windows 10 can easily be transferred using Play Anywhere. We have also left out the stock apps that come bundled with Windows 10, such as Skype, Office Mobile and OneNote.

Dropbox Universal App for Windows 10

If you’re a OneDrive users you may not need this, but we’ve found that a lot Dropbox users aren’t really comfortable with anything else – possibly because they’ve had their accounts for so long now. Now they’ve got a universal app, it’s a breeze getting it on your Windows 10 device.

Get Dropbox

FourSquare Universal App for Windows 10

This review app has a strong and loyal following even though most prefer Yelp these days. But if you’re a FourSquare user, then this is a must-have universal app for your Windows 10 device. With the app, you can see reviews for various establishments, give a tip about them or simple like/dislike them. And the Bing Maps integration is easily the best feature on this app.

Get FourSquare

Facebook Messenger Universal App for Windows 10

This one’s a definite must-have app. It comes with all the bells and whistles that Facebook keeps adding to this standalone chat application, so be sure to periodically download the updates they push through the Windows Store.

Unfortunately, they haven’t yet integrated voice and video calling on this version as yet, but that should come soon as well. Still you’ve got all your chat conversations, media and so on between Windows 10 devices, so this is one app you should definitely get.

Get Facebook Messenger

Fresh Paint Universal App for Windows 10

This awesome fun app is free, but it does have in-app purchases. It’s essentially a drawing app, and reviewers say that this is one of the best new Windows apps in a long time. You can start on a blank canvas or begin with an imported image. There are several types of canvases, textures, pencil tips and brush tips you can choose from. Even if you don’t get any of the paid packs like the Variety Pack or Adventure Pack, this app’s a whole lot of fun.

Get Fresh Paint

Netflix Universal App for Windows 10

Of course, no mobile or desktop device is complete without its own version of the Netflix app. With the Windows 10 universal Netflix app you’ve got instant access to all the content in your account, and you can take it across any Win 10 device. With the Xbox One integration you can seamlessly pickup where you left off, even if it’s in the middle of an episode. You should be able to access most of the standard features on this universal app, but if something’s missing you can be sure they’ll push an update sooner rather than later.

Get Netflix

Twitter and Facebook Universal Apps for Windows 10

Social media on tap! Both these popular social media applications are now on the Windows Store as universal apps, with all the functionality we know and love. Although Facebook and Twitter’s regular mobile apps will typically reflect your actions on the desktop versions and vice versa, with the universal app you should be able to seamlessly switch from device to device without losing the thread.

Get Facebook | Get Twitter

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Please check for device compatibility. If you see the PC and Smartphone icons in the “Available On” section within the app download page, that means it’s a universal app that will work on all Windows 10 devices.


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