Donald Trump Wins U.S. Presidential Elections 2016, Twitter is the Real Hero!

Trump wins, becomes president-elect

2016 Election Day in the U.S. was totally ruled by Twitter Live as far as social media is concerned. Even as Trump achieved a nail-biting victory to come out as the President-elect, Twitter saw its users posting up to 27,000 Tweets per minute as early as 11 am on Election Day 2016!

Twitter staff had an early day on Tuesday, running last-minute ads in an effort to promote the microblogging site as the “go-to” destination for election tracking, live updates and shared opinions.

Forget every other social media site on the planet. Neither Facebook nor SnapChat nor any other social network saw the kind of traffic volumes leading up to the elections. From the first debates in September until Trump finally crossed the critical 270 mark, Twitter saw more than one billion posts related to the elections.

If you thought Twitter was dead, think again! Even though their 317 million users form a much smaller group that Facebook’s 1.78 billion (as of the last reported quarter for both), Twitter has proved yet again.

What made this year even more significant for Twitter is that the future President of the United States, Donald Trump, is a frequent Twitter user and has been sending out breaking Tweets at all hours of the day and night right through his campaigning efforts.

But the real clincher is how several news websites embedded Twitter widgets and posts into their sites so their readers could get the latest scoop even before they were reported. These include the New York Times and TMZ, as well as several top news and entertainment sites.

The saddest part about this whole thing was that Twitter didn’t gain much in the form of attention to its own business. After rumors of a possible buyout fizzled out and Alphabet confirmed that it would not put in a bid for Twitter, the stock has been languishing and the company has been cutting off heads. Last month they announced a 9% reduction in manpower and stopped some key services such as Vine.

As for how much money they made off advertisements during the campaigning and election period, we’ll know that only after they post their next quarter’s earnings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the stupendous success it had on election day will make much of a difference to the company’s future.

All they have now is Twitter Live Sports, which has been doing well but has a long way to go before it can prop up the company’s ailing revenues.

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