New Job Search Platform – “Opportunity” – Better Than LinkedIn?

“Opportunity” is a relatively new social networking and job search platform that’s making waves with professionals.

It is said to be easier to use than LinkedIn – almost as easy as downloading Tinder and finding a match – and allows users to hook into their LinkedIn connections as well as make use of the wide network on Opportunity, which already numbers about 1.1 million users.

The platform is primarily geared towards jobs and business leads. Users can simply plug in their information, such as your profile, your location and the industries and special interest areas that you would like to focus on. You can post and find jobs and other business opportunities, and the platform’s algorithms do the match-making for you.

Speaking about the algorithms that the company uses to suggest leads and connections, Opportunity CEO Janis Krums says this:

“We didn’t see really anything like that happening in the professional world. The whole goal was to take some work out of this process that a lot of people might get frustrated with. You’re not matching to businesses, you’re connecting with other individuals.”

A New Approach to Job Search?

That’s probably a unique twist on the LinkedIn approach. Rather than merely connecting you online with people you already know, Opportunity focuses on expanding the user’s network to increase the available opportunities for jobs and business projects.

At the moment, the bulk of users on the job search platform are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India and Brazil.

There’s clearly a need for this in the job search market, as attested to by their fast-growing user base. It’s also ideal for recruitment and HR teams at smaller companies, who either don’t have the funds to launch widespread hiring campaigns, or are worried that their job posts won’t get the kind of visibility on larger platforms.

The new version of the application only launched at the beginning of this year, but the company itself was founded in 2014 by Krums and co-founder Bill Jula. Right now, they’re focusing on optimizing the free features for their iOS and Android app.

Great White Shark Fund recently awarded Opportunity $250,000 in a seed round of funding.

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