Minecraft on Windows 10, Pocket Edition Getting “Ender” Update, Android Gets Beta Version

Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Edition getting Ender Update, beta version on Android for testers

Minecraft Windows 10 and Pocket Edition will soon be getting an update called “The Ender”, something that’s giving rise to rumors about this being the end of Minecraft. Can this really be the end of the line for such a globally popular game with more than 24 million downloads? Is the game finally coming to an end? Not in the least!

The update is being called Ender only because it has something to do with The Ender Dragon, arguably the most difficult character to beat on Minecraft. So it’s not the end of the game, but merely an update to one part of the game.

What is The Ender Dragon?

Ender is the name of the first boss mob added to Minecraft. It starts to spawn automatically when the player enter the End dimension, and can spawn on any difficulty including Peaceful, but in that difficulty it can only fire Ender charges at the player, not harm the player with its body. Players can also generate an Ender Dragon using the ‘/summon EnderDragon’ command, in which case a harmless version will spawn and merely hover in its place. To re-spawn the Ender Dragon after a fight, you need to place four ender crystals at the top of the exit portal, one per side.

The Ender update for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition should bring in some cool new features for the character. Dubbed 1.0 – The Ender Update, it will also ship out with the new Apple TV units, so that’s great news for Apple TV buyers who are also Minecraft fans. Mojang says that they’ve got several updates lined up, but even the company is excited about the Ender update so it’s definitely something to keep your eyes peeled for.

Another element of the Ender update is that the world height is now being increased to 256 blocks, and users will now get a “snazzy new Elytra”. For new users, Elytra is nothing but “wings” that will allow you to glide around across your Minecraft worlds.

The company promises a lot more on this update, but is keeping things hush-hush until users get to see them live.

Update Also Coming to Android – Now Available for Testing as Beta Version

Mojang also announced that Minecraft’s update is now open for beta testing for Android devices, and have provided this Google Play link for Android users to sign up and become a tester to help them weed out bugs ahead of the full release:

Become a Minecraft Tester on Android

If you’ve already purchased Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Google Play, this will be made available to you as an update to your existing version once you sign up as a Tester.


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