When is iOS 10.2 Coming as a Stable Version? iOS 10.2 Public Beta v3 Released Today

In recent articles we’ve covered quite a bit about the new features coming on iOS 10.2. As of now you can get the beta version of the new operating system on your iPhone or iPad, and it’s chockfull of features by the looks of it. Apple has just released the third public beta for iOS 10.2 testers through its beta program.

For the current version – iOS 10.2 beta 3 – that was released earlier today, you’ll need to get on the Apple Beta Software Program first. But as we pointed out before, you’ll find a lot of bugs and other vulnerabilities tend to come with this version, as with any beta software.

Beta essentially means it’s still under testing and they haven’t ironed out all the wrinkles yet. In fact, the whole purpose of beta testing is to get masses of feedback from actual iOS developers and users before they finalize the release. That way they can greatly reduce the amount of time required for their own internal testing before it’s ready to be rolled out to the general public – a.k.a. you and I!

New Features on iOS 10.2 Beta 3 (public and developer beta)

Here are some more changes we saw on today’s beta version:

‘Press and Hold to Speak’ – You’ll find this under the Home Button Accessibility menu in your settings.

No more ‘Videos’ app – The TV app has now completely replaced the Videos app, but offers the same functionalities plus a lot more.

‘Love’ screen effect – Aside from the Celebration 3D Touch effect, there is now also a Love effect for messaging apps.

SOS country restriction – Right now it seems the SOS feature will only be available for India due to an upcoming regulatory requirement.

Feedback app – This wasn’t seen in the previous beta 2 version , but now it’s back.

When Will iOS 10.2 be Released for Everyone?

As mentioned, you can only test out the public beta if you’re on the Beta Program. However, from what we’ve seen in the past Apple typically rolls out several beta versions before it’s ready to offer the final version to everyone.

Judging by past timelines, if there are 2-3 more beta versions, we should be getting iOS 10.2 by the second week of December, well in time for the Christmas season. Thanksgiving is off the cards for sure, unless they decide to cut short their betas – which they won’t, because even the current beta still has connectivity and other issues that they’ll definitely want to address.

Our best guess for the final release is sometime between the 7th and the 15th of December, give or take a couple of days.