New LastPass Study on the Psychology of Passwords is Revelational! [Infographic]

LastPass survey on the psychology of passwords and password behavior

LastPass is one of the best-known password management applications on the web and mobile. A while ago, they did a study on the psychology of how we set our passwords – our last bastion of security against hackers and hack bots.

In the wake of multiple hackings around the world and the very real cybersecurity threat that confronts us today, passwords are the final line of defense.

So why do many – if not most – of us, despite knowing the ‘right and wrong’ of password creation, continue to put ourselves at risk every minute of every day? Perhaps this infographic will give you a clue about why that is. In a nutshell, LastPass’s survey, conducted in partnership with Lab42, shows that a minor tweak in the way we think about our passwords can go a long way in enhancing security and safety.

What can you learn from these findings?

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LastPass/Lab42 survey of password behavior

Although the reasoning behind having a good password strategy is solid, most of us fail to follow best practices. Is it your personality? Is it the way you’ve been taught? Or the fact that nobody has bothered teaching us about password security and how to do it right?

LastPass isn’t the only tool to help us manage our passwords. There are any number of well-reputed companies that provide such software applications. Then why aren’t we taking advantage of them?

The free option from LastPass is more than sufficient for any individual user. Unless you have special requirements, all you need to do is sign up for free and install LastPass on your system.

We don’t have any kind of revenue-sharing agreement with LastPass for promoting them, but we do have an obligation to inform people to enhance their security habits. Remember, the chain is only as strong as the weakest link, so don’t be that weak link that can cause the entire house of cards to tumble down and destroy your digital life. Act now.

Free LastPass Download Page for Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile

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Source Link for Infographic: LastPass