Jet Black iPhone 7 Soon to Meet Its Match in New Samsung Galaxy S7 Glossy Black?

Samsung to launch new glossy black Galaxy S7 in December 2016

Samsung might have taken a beating on the smartphone front with the Note 7 debacle, but the company is up on its feet again. Presumably in an attempt to hit Apple’s hugely popular Jet Black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung intends to launch a “glossy black” version of its Galaxy S7 next month.

To be honest, we’re confused about how much “blacker” they can make their S7 phones. They already have an “Black Onyx ” that was launched earlier this year, and more recently they launched a “Blue Coral” color option that was available from November 1 in select markets.

So what’s the deal with the “new glossy black” version? The Black Onyx is pretty glossy as it is, what with the glass front and black and all. How can they make it even more glossy? We think it’s more a marketing ploy than anything significant because The Korea Herald claims that the older Black Onyx is actually a matte finish like the Matte Black on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus variants.

But it does make sense that Samsung would use the color strategy to get more Galaxy S7s into the hands of users. The Korea Herald also reports that the Blue Coral version is now selling 15,000 units a week compared to the 10,000 iPhone 7 units being sold by Apple in recent weeks. In addition, Samsung is giving a ton of benefits in the form of cash rebates, discounts and so on.

The company does need to reclaim market share after the disastrous outcome for the Galaxy Note 7, so don’t be surprised by anything Samsung does now to make up sales for the current quarter – a critical one that coincides with the holiday shopping season.

The new glossy black version of Galaxy S7 should be coming out early December, but whether they’ll be available for the U.S. market is a matter of making an educated guess at this point. We’re certain they will because it is undoubtedly their most profitable market. However, they may test it out in certain select markets first the way they did with the Blue Coral version. Ideally, it should make its way to Verizon and AT&T sometime during the middle of December, but it could come earlier.

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