Microsoft Solitaire Collection Now on iOS and Android for Free, Premium at $1.99 Monthly

Microsoft Solitaire Collection now on iOS and Android

The name – and the game – Solitaire is synonymous with Windows PCs, and Microsoft is now bringing the whole collection of Solitaire games to iOS and Android. Well, it’s about time!

The game has been on Windows for over 25 years, and is now ready to venture out of the Windows operating system for the first time. Both versions are free, but you can also opt for an ad-free Premium Edition at $1.99 a month.

The Microsoft Solitaire Collection, which consists of Spider, Tripeaks, Klondike. Pyramid and FreeCell versions of the game, is also being integrated with Xbox Live, so you can actually sign in and compete against your online friends. There are also daily challenges, for which you can get badges and other rewards.

Get it FREE from Google Play for Android Devices

Get it FREE from iTunes for iOS Devices

A Little about Solitaire

Solitaire, of course, isn’t Microsoft’s property. Nobody really knows the origins of the game but it’s assumed to have been invented in either Germany or Scandinavia. It was popularized during the 18th century and is known by many names, such as Patience, Success and even Kabala. The last of these could have come from the fact that the outcome of the game was considered to be a form of fortune-telling.

However, Microsoft was possibly the first to bring it to the digital world with the Windows operating system. Today, there are several versions of Solitaire available on both iOS as well as Android, but none as famous as Microsoft’s versions.

Solitaire is essentially a card game for one player, where you manipulate a layout of cards to eventually form a full suite of hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs. There are about 100 major variations of the game, with a lot more if you count minor variants.

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