Black Friday Deals: Apple Mac and MacBook Pro on Discount at Best Buy

Black Friday deals on Apple Mac products from Best Buy - online and in-store

Most people know that Apple isn’t very forthcoming with discounts, but during the holiday season, they seem to get pulled in by the tide of deals and offers – especially for Black Friday deals.

Best Black Friday Deals on Apple Mac Products

You can save quite a bit of money on most Mac models today. Here’s a full list of discounts on Apple’s Mac line from Best Buy, categorized by product:

MacBook Air

Apple has quietly put this baby to sleep, so you’re not likely to see a refresh on these any more. Also, there’s no more 11-inch variant so that only leaves the 13.3-inch models. This is probably your last chance to get your hands on one, but at least you’re getting a decent discount. Best Buy is offering $200 off on both the base and the higher-end MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro

Best Buy is offering between $100 and $200 off on several MacBook Pro 216 models with the Touch Bar, as well as some of the older models with Retina display. These are all online offers, but if you want to trade in your old MacBook Pro, they’re offering a minimum $250 off on a new device, or a $150 gift card, for walk-in customers.


On the Best Buy website, you’ll also find deals on both the 21.5″ and 27″ monitor variants of iMac, with discounts between $100 and $200 on many of them. All of these offers come with a free downloadable item, Titanium Internet Security – 3-Device – 6 Months Subscription – Android/iOS – Mac/Windows. However, none of them include a DVD/CD drive so you’ll either have to buy a new one or use one that you already have.

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is also being offered at reduced prices, but at a very modest discount. The 8GB RAM model with 1TB memory shows $29 off the retail price of $699, while the 4GB/500GB model has a slightly better $37 off the regular $499.

Some of these deal are also available with Amazon, Fry’s and other retailers, but since they’re all pretty much in line with Best Buy online prices, we’ve only provided links for the latter.

Note: These Black Friday deals could well be extended beyond today. Nothing on the site tells us otherwise, and this is solely at Best Buy’s discretion. Click on this link to see all their in-store and online Black Friday Deals on electronics.

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