Lenovo Moto Z Rumored to Get 5G with a New Moto Mod. Is Verizon Involved?

Moto Z Moto Mod for 5G rumored

Lenovo’s Moto Z is a favorite of Lenovo lovers and Moto maniacs all over the world, and one of the reasons is Moto Mods. The Moto Z is one of the first smartphones to allow attachable modules for added functionality. From dual speakers to spare battery packs to projectors, there are Moto Mods to delight any hobbyist.

We’ve now learned through an interview with PCMag that senior director of product management, John Touvannas, spoke about ideas the company has been playing around with. One of those is a 5G module, another is a baby monitor and the last is an e-ink display.

What is 5G and Why Is It a Big Deal?

5G is the next generation of mobile network technology. As a telecommunications standard, it is one step beyond 4G. The new tech will allow for a much denser user base per area unit, and enable unlimited gigabytes of data to be downloaded and uploaded on the mobile network. And its much, much cheaper for the user!

So you can see why Moto Z enthusiasts would be excited about a possible 5G module for their smartphones. We know that Verizon is already testing 5G in its labs in New Jersey, and Verizon being the main carrier for the Moto Z line, it’s natural that the rumor would extend to a possible partnership between Lenovo and Verizon to create something like this.

Again, it’s only a rumor at this point, but it’s great news for Moto Z fans if it’s true. 5G will definitely become the standard for mobile networks some day, but it would be awesome to have a taste of it before anyone else.

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