Windows 10 Creators Update Getting New Features for Business Users

Windows 10 Creators Update - new features for enterprise and business users

Microsoft has been pushing Windows 10 Creators Update to Windows Insiders for some time, but until now most of the highlighted features have focused on individual users and media production. Newly announced features now show how serious Microsoft is about enterprise users.

The new features include security enhancements, better user analytics for admins and improved device management.

The first highlight in this regard is what we already know – Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. The features for the Windows 10 Creators Update will include improved monitoring of kernel and memory-level exploits. Administrators will also be able to share their own lists of blocked behaviors with other admins in order to implement a system-wide security policy.

We’ve heard that Microsoft is also working with FireEye iSIGHT Threat Intelligence, and is looking to bring their data side by side with Microsoft’s own elements on the WDATP dashboard.

According to group program manager for Windows Enterprise and Security, Rob Lefferts:

“This is something that we really want to foster. Not just with our partners like FireEye iSIGHT, but also with the SecOps professionals inside these organizations really working together to track this stuff down.”

A significant feature addition is for admins to be able to remotely quarantine compromised machines using the Windows firewall, while allowing WDATP data to go back and forth. This will let admins isolate the device, yet retain the ability to analyze the device in question.

In addition, we’re also going to see mobile applications management come to Windows 10 Creators Update. Essentially, that allows admins a much higher level of mobile device control than ever before. For example, documents on employee devices can be locked down in the event of an attack on the device. It also gives users restricted access to documents so they can’t accidentally wipe data from their PCs from their mobile devices.

One of the biggest new features is that some amount of telemetry data will be opened to administrators so they can monitor device usage statistics with Windows Analytics. This will be an anonymous profile, and Microsoft intends to make sure that the feature is not abused. Admins will not be able to identify the user, only gain access to usage data.

We know that Microsoft is heavily focusing on the enterprise segment, especially because mass adoption in this market will boost Windows 10 adoption like little else can. At this point, wider adoption is key to their entire strategy of creating a cross-device operating system that will effectively disrupt the mobile OS ecosystem.

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The newly announced features are intended to get more enterprises to quickly adopt Windows 10 for their entire organization – something that has been slow to happen this year, as we observed earlier. Most of the enterprise upgrades are only expected in 2017, and a Spring release of Windows 10 Creators Update should hopefully help act as a catalyst for mass transition.

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