Google Assistant to Get Smarter with Third Party Input for Conversation Actions

Google Assistant gets API access

Alphabet has now opened up its Google Assistant to third-party developers via tools known as Actions on Google, which will allow developers to create ‘conversation actions’ and ‘direct actions’ that can leverage Google Assistant’s artificial intelligence capabilities.

The purpose of these tools is to allow companies to engage with their customers through Google Home, the smart speakers that Google launched along with Google Pixel smartphones on October 4 this year, as well as (eventually) with the smartphones themselves and the messaging service Google Allo, which features Google Assistant as a chatbot.

Using these tools, developers will be able to create new voice commands and integrate them with their own company’s apps. The hope is that this will foster an ecosystem of app integrations that include things like smart home control, access to other companies’ products, various types of bookings and so on.

In a recent blog post, Jason Douglas, product management director for Actions on Google said this:

“To be a truly successful Assistant, it should be able to connect users across the apps and services in their lives. This makes enabling an ecosystem where developers can bring diverse and unique services to users through the Google Assistant really important.”

More Power to Google Assistant

By partnering with services such as IFTTT (if this then that) and product makers like Samsung, Google Home can be better integrated with smart home devices and services provided by other companies.

This is a significant move by Alphabet because it will help leverage a massive developer base that wants to exploit the artificial intelligence capabilities of Google Assistant. By giving them access to APIs for Google Assistant, Google can foster a tremendous range of abilities for Google Home and everywhere else that the company intends to offer its digital assistant’s services.

Over time, this can potentially integrate thousands of service that Google Home will then be able to execute, from buying a product to engaging a service to digging for information about practically anything that Google Search is capable of finding.

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