Apple AirPods Aren’t Here Yet, but “The Headphone” by Bragi Has Arrived

Bragi The Headphone - Beats Apple AirPods to the finish line

Despite being decades old, or possibly because of it, the audio industry periodically gets disrupted by new technologies. From the way music is generated all the way to how it is played back for our listening pleasure, every element of the audio experience has undergone dramatic changes over the ears.

Over the past two years, wireless independent in-ear headphones seem to be attracting the most attention. Several companies have created their own versions, but it seems like the technology still hasn’t been refined to a point where you can guarantee reliable performance under any listening conditions.

That’s about to change with “The Headphone”, a revolutionary pair of earbuds from the house of Bragi, which brought us the Bragi Dash through a crowdfunded project on Kickstarter.

Apple AirPods, make way for Bragi’s The Headphone, because it looks like they’ve beaten you to the finish line!

The original Bragi Dash was not just a wireless headphone; it was a hi-tech piece of equipment that also had motion sensors, fitness tracking and touch controls.

But The Headphone is different. In many ways it is much like a minimalist’s version of Dash, but with powerful performance beneath its humble yet well-fashioned form.

Bragi The Headphone - Beats Apple AirPods to the finish line

The most important point is that they seemed to have found a solution to the tricky problem of Bluetooth signal-sync between the two earpieces. This continues to be a major hurdle for audio accessory makers, even for Apple – for its AirPods, apparently, and the bulk of models you see in the market today have choppy sound and can’t really be used any way you want. If you have them deep in your pocket or handbag, or if you block the antenna with your hands, more often than not you won’t truly enjoy the audio experience.

The second feature is Audio Transparency. This allows you to either shut out all sound from the outside world, or allow ambient sounds to filter through while still being able to clearly hear the audio.

The Headphone can be connected to any mobile device compatible with Bluetooth A2DP, and you have all the controls you need right on the ear piece – volume control, next/previous track, call answering and Audio Transparency. You’ll also be able to communicate with Siri and Google Now/Google Assistant using the earpiece controls.

You won’t be missing that 3.5 mm audio jack with the Bragi The Headphone, and future Bluetooth updates will make your experience even more stable and reliable, although they seem to have done a pretty good job of it already.

They also come in three FitTip sizes – rubber for the small and medium, and foam for the large – so you don’t have to make any adjustments for a secure fit. The “Knowles® Balanced Armature Speakers with A2DP profile, AAC and SBC audio codec” gives you a 100% wireless experience and, according to Business Insider’s Jeff Dunn, “You can simply go about your everyday life — put your phone in your pocket, stick it in a bag, go for a run, do whatever — and the Bluetooth link will be good enough.”

The Audio Transparency feature will be especially useful in case you want to be able to hear sounds around you at the same time as enjoying your favorite music. You can actually preview this feature on Bragi’s website here, as well as preorder the product.

The Headphone costs $149 – ten bucks less than Apple’s AirPods – but considering the fact that they “just beat Apple’s AirPods to the punch”, as BI puts it, it’s well worth the money.

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