Meet BONJOUR, the Artificial-Intelligence-Enhanced Smart Alarm Clock

BONJOUR - the smart alarm clock that is voice activated and AI-enhanced

One of the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaigns we recently came across was BONJOUR, an AI-enhanced, voice-activated smart alarm clock that does much more than wake you up.

BONJOUR works more like a personal assistant than an alarm clock. Using artificial intelligence technology and biometric identification, the smart alarm clock can anticipate your daily schedule over time, give you advice on morning traffic to work and even recognizes your voice so she can give you personalized information.

The smart alarm clock can also monitor your activity and help act as a sleep coach.

The “smart” comes from the clock’s ability to customize your wake up time depending on external factors. For example, if you have a meeting you just cannot afford to miss and there’s heavy traffic, the clock will wake you up a little earlier than planned so you won’t be late for the meeting.

Alternatively, if you run at 6 am on Sundays and its raining out on a particular day, she’ll let you sleep in!

It also integrates with Google Maps, Uber and other useful applications, so she might order a cab for earlier or later based on how bad the traffic conditions are and so on.

BONJOUR is also able to connect seamlessly with Apple Watch, Pebble, FitBit, MisFit and other smart devices to help you manage your sleep and activities. For example, if you haven’t walked all that much on a given day, she might suggest you go for a run to compensate.

The best part is, BONJOUR can connect to your smart home gadgets as well. Using IFTTT (If This Then That), you can define pre-set conditions for temperature control, security systems, lighting and much more. In fact, you can even see a display of what your security cameras are capturing.

The perk is being offered on Indiegogo at $149 for a single unit and $249 for two. Perks are scheduled for delivery in July 2017. Both options come with adapters, and color options are currently black or white. Shipping is free for U.S. and Canada orders; $15 extra for EU, Japan and Australia; $30 extra for all other countries.

Visit the BONJOUR campaign page on Indiegogo

Disclaimer: We are only reporting this campaign as part of our coverage of disruptive technologies and products. We do not stand to make any money from contributions or orders for this product, and we do not have any sort of relationship with the campaigner. All interactions and transactions will solely be between you and the campaigner/Indiegogo.

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