Facebook Launches New Messenger Camera – 3D Effects, Fast Clicking and More

Facebook Messenger Camera function

In an attempt to outdo SnapChat and gain more engagement from its users, Facebook Messenger has now been given a brand new camera feature for the ultimate personalization of messages.

The new Facebook Messenger camera basically allows you to directly take photos and videos from the app rather than depend on your native camera to do the work. That brings in a whole new set of filters and effects that you can then lay over your own content. Simply tap the new shutter button or long-press to record video.

With the new Messaging camera function, they’ve also introduced some 3D masks and other special effects that you can ‘dress up’ your selfies, photos or videos with before sharing them.

Facebook Messenger Camera function

They’ve apparently been working with artists and influencers from all over the world, and the result is practically an infinite number of customization possibilities to ensure that every message is unique and ‘just so you.’

Facebook Messenger Camera function

You can now also customize plain text messages so they’re not plain text messages any more. Tapping the palette icon takes you to a blank canvas where you can run riot adding stickers and other overlays to your text.

For the less adventurous, Facebook Messenger retains all the plain vanilla features that take all the fun out of functional, so you can have it both ways based on your preference.

The launch of the new Facebook Messenger Camera and all its add-on features is global, and the roll out has already begun. Check your app store for an updated version now.

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