Free DirecTV Now for 1 Year on T-Mobile for All AT&T Switchers

T-Mobile offer 1 year DirecTV Now for AT&T switchers

T-Mobile is now engaging AT&T in an all-out poaching drive by enticing AT&T customers to switch to their own wireless service. But what are they enticing them with? They’re offering one free year of DirecTV now to anyone who switches from AT&T’s wireless cellular service to T-Mobile’s “faster, more advanced LTE network.”

The funny part is, DirecTV is fully owned by AT&T! DirecTV Now is a new service launched last month for cord-cutters who still wanted to retain access to their favorite programming.

The service costs $35 per month, as is not exclusive to AT&T customers alone. As T-Mobile’s candid president and CEO, John Legere, puts it:

“AT&T wants you to think DIRECTV is theirs exclusively, but that’s a load of crap. Both DIRECTV NOW and the DIRECTV apps stream free on T-Mobile with a faster, more advanced network that covers nearly every American.”

Continuing his open attack on AT&T, he added that his competitor was too distracted by DirecTV to keep focus on its 100 million customers, which it keeps ignoring.

$420 worth of DirectTV Now and access to streaming video content on DirecTV apps is not a bad deal for anyone looking at switching carriers. But it should have been AT&T offering this to customers of other carriers rather than allowing T-Mobile to swoop down on their customers using one of their own assets to mount the attack.

This is definitely a unique sort of coup for T-Mobile, and I’m certain they’re betting that this huge gamble pays off in terms of subscriber growth – a critical metric for every wireless provider in a quickly over-saturating market that is the United States.

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