Nintendo Switch VR Headset Leaked via Published Patent Applications

Nintendo could be looking at releasing an “accessory” for the Nintendo Switch coming out next year that sounds very much like a VR headset.

A patent application filed on June 10, 2016 but published today talks of an HMD, or Head-Mounted Device, that forms an accessory to the “Main Unit”, as outlined in the application. There’s also a drawing of the device showing where the main unit – presumably the Nintendo Switch – will slot into the headset.

Nintendo Switch VR Headset

Source: USPTO

It seems pretty straightforward. Nintendo intends to build a VR headset as an accessory to the Nintendo Switch. To be honest, there have been clues all along the way.

For example, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima indicated that “By no means was that everything” when the Switch was first unveiled. He later said that “It may be appropriate to call them accessories.” At the time it was assumed that he was talking about the Joy-Con controllers that could slide out of their docks on the sides of the main unit.

What it looks like now is that Nintendo has been planning a lot more than detachable controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, the patent application isn’t proof that a Nintendo Switch VR headset is, indeed, in the works, but it’s enough to assume that they’re at least considering such an accessory. By the time the Switch officially launches less than a month from now, on January 12, we should have more information about a VR headset to support the Switch gaming experience.

Related News Update from 11/16: The Nintendo Switch hasn’t officially been priced yet, but a leak on the Canadian website of Toys R Us showed the price as CAD329.99, which is about US$250, £200 or AU$320. That’s about the same as what the Nintendo 3DS cost when it launched, but the new console obviously has a lot more going for it at the same price.

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