Chrome OS Option to be Available for Lenovo Yoga Book in 2017

Chrome OS coming to Lenovo Yoga Book in 2017

According to a Lenovo executive who confirmed this to Tom’s Guide, next year there will be a Lenovo Yoga Book with a Chrome OS option.

The details aren’t known at this point, but it’s straight from the horse’s mouth that Chrome OS will, in fact, come to the Yoga Book 2017 from Lenovo.

Lenovo is an innovative company, for sure. The Lenovo Yoga Book, designed for artists and graphic designers, is an intuitive hybrid 2-in-1 laptop, but like no other device in its class in the world.

What it does differently is to allow artists to stick to their pen and paper method, but integrate that with a digital input that renders what they draw on to the screen. The paper attaches magnetically to the “Create Pad”, from where it picks up the physical actions of pen on paper, and converts that into a digital drawing on the monitor half of the device. The Create Pad also doubles as a virtual keyboard when required.

Here’s how it works:

Lenovo Yoga Book 2017 coming with Chrome OS option


It’s a brilliant move to adapt to a user’s preference for pen and paper rather than force them into a new and unfamiliar habit. The current model runs on Windows, but Jeff Meredith, Lenovo’s VP of Android and Chrome Computing Business Group, says that there is a “lot of interest” for a Chrome OS-based Lenovo Yoga Book.

That, combined with the inevitable merging of Android with Chrome OS to create Andromeda, it will bring the entire Google Play app ecosystem within reach of Yoga Book users. It might not be ready in time to arrive on the Yoga Book, but we do know that Google has apparently been testing the Andromeda hybrid operating system on Pixel tablets.

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