No Amazon Echo on Until After Christmas. Just Brick-and-Mortar it!

Prime Day 2017

Amazon seems to be having a problem getting supplies of the Amazon Echo smart home speakers, as well as the smaller Echo Dot. As a result, it won’t be available online at until after Christmas. The only way to get one – and that’s only if you’re on the West Coast – is to go to one of their three physical stores in Seattle, Portland or San Diego.

Interestingly, Amazon has twisted this around to sound like it’s fun! Isn’t it just like them to turn a disaster into a “feature”?

“Due to demand, we encourage customers to purchase an Echo if they see it available.”

That’s what an Amazon spokesperson apparently told the Wall Street Journal, making it sound like you’re a wildlife photographer who has to spend two months in a dug-out trench in Sub-Saharan Africa waiting for a rare animal to grace your vision!

But guess who has the Echo in stock now? EBay, of course!

You can order a brand new Echo Dot on eBay for $75.99. But wait; you’ll have to pay an additional $45.75 for shipping if you want it via USPS Priority Mail in time for Christmas. See, I told you to get your shopping done in October, didn’t I?

You should also be able to get the original Echo for $329 with $25 for shipping.

The Amazon Echo range has officially sold over 6 million units since it was launched two years ago. New functionality means you can use it for your Amazon shopping, to control various smart home devices and interact with apps on your iPhone or Android mobile as well. And the Alexa Skill Set has now burgeoned to nearly 5,000 different skills after Amazon opened up the API to third-party developers.

The proliferation of devices like Echo, Google Home and the upcoming Cortana-enabled speakers from Microsoft featuring Harman/Kardon audio is increasingly bringing the practical side of artificial intelligence into our homes.

But don’t be sad just because you can’t get the Amazon Echo on until after Christmas. There’s always Google Home, which some argue is actually much better in terms of functionality.

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You can get a White/Slate fabric-finished Google Home on the Best Buy online store, and then go pick it up at your nearest location. It retails for $129. Shipping is free but you’ll only get it on the 27th according to what it shows on the website right now. Store pick-ups can be done right away.

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