Rear Camera Issue on iPhone 7 Plus becoming Worse, Adds to iPhone 6s Woes

iPhone 7 Plus rear camera issue

Soon after getting their new iPhone 7 Plus smartphones in their hands in October this year, a few users were reported to have had issues with the rear camera not working. All it was showing was a black screen whenever they opened the camera app.

The problem seems to be a little more widespread now with several social media users reporting similar problems. While some are seeing the black screen when opening the app, others say theirs is a shutter problem. In some cases, the screen also flashes green or purple.

One Reddit user has come out saying it could be a flex cable come loose on the inside, but Apple hasn’t yet commented so we’ll have to consider the mystery unsolved until then.

Either way, Apple is replacing the shutters, the cameras or the phones themselves when brought in to the store.

So, if you’re having a similar issue with your iPhone 7 Plus, you’re not alone. You can either call in to Apple’s toll-free number in your country or take the unit to the nearest Apple store and they should be able to sort it out for you.

Link to Apple Store Locator page: Locate

Toll-free and Support Numbers page: Call 

And just in case you were wondering, Apple has various programs for repair, replacement and/or recall for various issues with earlier iPhone models. Here’s what they list on their site:

You have to keep in mind that many of the iPhone issues, such as the unexpected shutdown on the iPhone 6s and a few iPhone 7 units and possibly this trending camera issue as well could only be affecting a very small percentage of phones.

Apple sold more than 231 million iPhones in 2015 and nearly as many for 2016-to-date, so even if a 1000 phones were affected, that’s only 0.0004% of all units sold during the year. That’s minuscule, but it can certainly affect Apple’s branding efforts are a flawless, premium phone. Moreover, this is not the first issue with iPhone 6s. There are still reports coming in of phones smoking, exploding and catching fire right after being fully charged and then unplugged from the socket.

But, since there’s been no comment from Apple on either the exploding iPhone 6s units or the camera issue on the new iPhone 7 Plus model, we’ll have to wait it out and see what develops.

Surprisingly, despite the number of exploding iPhone 6s reports, U.S. regulatory authorities don’t seem to have reacted to the issue the way they did against Samsung. Granted many of these reports are yet unsubstantiated, but one would have thought that after the issues with Note 7 smartphones, regulators would be watching the smartphone industry like hawks to call out any potentially dangerous issues and launch a preliminary investigation, at the very least.

That almost forces me to ask…are some companies above the law where others are under the microscope for similar situations? Or are iPhone explosion reporters flat out lying?

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