Your Apple Watch Just “New Year Challenged” you to Exercise this January 2017!

Apple Watch Ring in the New Year Challenge

Did you strap on your Apple Watch this morning just to have it challenge you to work out all of next month? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Apple has just globally rolled out its “Ring in the New Year Challenge” 2017 to help you work off those extra pounds from all that high-calorie food you likely consumed during the holiday season. As if my wife wasn’t notification enough of my health needs for 2017!

The actual New Year Challenge will begin on January 2 so, thankfully, Apple does recognize the need for a day of rest, recuperation and hangovers. Starting that Monday, your Apple Watch will encourage you to complete all three Activity rings doing whatever cross-training you’ve chosen for that week. It could be cycling, swimming, running and so on.

Each week in January, Apple Watch users will be prompted to share their achievements and their goals on social media as part of the New Year Challenge. After all, what’s a workout if you can’t boast about it, right? And what better month to do it in than the month of “the making and breaking” of resolutions?

But that’s not all. Apple will be giving out badges and stickers that the “winners” of this challenge can use on iMessage – possibly to motivate others, but definitely to stick it in their faces!

Last year, Apple wanted to show off the accuracy of Apple Watch, and VP of Technology Kevin Lynch asked wearers to countdown to midnight so everyone could celebrate the moment at the exact same time. That’s something you can do this year as well, to create a more “well-connected” experience within the fraternity of Apple Watch owners.

Happy New Year Challenge!

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Source: Mashable