50% of Steam Gamers are Now on Windows 10 Machines

50% of PC gamers on Steam are now on Windows 10 devices

Windows and PC gaming are synonymous to most gamers, and Steamers are no different. But until now, the majority of them have stuck with older version of Windows, specifically Windows 7. That’s changed as of this December, with 50.35% of steamers now on Windows 10 devices.

Windows 10 adoption is strong among gamers in the United States. Microsoft’s data showed that as early as August, more than 70% of PC gamers on Windows were on the latest version of the OS. That number is likely to be much higher now in the U.S. However, worldwide that figure was only 53%.

Coincidentally, just as Windows 10 captured half the Steam community, news broke that Microsoft is bringing some elements of Xbox One into Windows 10 (on Preview Build 14997) for game optimization. Not much is known at this point other than the fact that it will make for a much better gaming experience on Windows 10.

These two pieces of news are significant because they will form the thrust for Windows 10 adoption within the gaming community over the course of 2017, especially after the Windows 10 Creators Update comes out later in the year.

33% of the Steam community is still on Windows 7, and about 10% are still using Windows 8, according to Steam’s December report. We should see those numbers dwindle over the course of 2017. Once the Windows 10 Creators Update is out, we should see a significant uptick in Windows 10 usage for gaming.

Incidentally, if you’re still not on Windows 10 yet, you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade right now. Did you know that?

Microsoft has left one door open, and it’s for assistive technology users. However, Microsoft has so broadly defined assistive technologies that it’s obvious they don’t care who takes the free Windows 10 upgrade.

Get a Free Windows 10 Upgrade from Microsoft’s Secure Servers

We’ll be bringing you the best of Windows 10 for Steamers as we approach the next big update. Keep reading!

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