Microsoft Surface Phone Exists, Leaked Photos Show Phablet-like Profile [Video]

surface phone leaked photos

After much speculation and several months of guessing, we finally know that a Surface Phone from Microsoft does, in fact, exist. It seems like there’s a prototype in place as well, with the name Surface Phone unmistakably printed on the back. Alternatively, there’s talk that this might actually be the finished product.

surface phone leaked photos
Leaked photos of Surface Phone (prototype?)

The leaked photos show a phablet-like device along the lines of one of the XL versions of Nokia Lumia. Qualcomm’s recent launch of the Snapdragon 835 processor at CES 2017 means the Surface Phone’s guts are ready and waiting. All that remains is the glory.

Obviously, Microsoft has been trying to keep a lid on the Surface Phone for a long time. At first, it was absolute silence from the Redmond giant; then came word about a partnership with Qualcomm to bring win32 emulation to mobile devices on ARM architecture; finally, the lynchpin that was Snapdragon 835 was announced. To run all of this, Microsoft will be using 8 GB of RAM on Surface Phone, along with a possible 512 GB memory option.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Surface Phone will come with the USB-C standard option, but the 3.5mm analog audio jack is unmistakable.

What Surface Phone will Mean for Microsoft

What we have now is a pure Windows 10 mobile device that will likely be able to run mobile apps as well as classic desktop apps such as Photoshop or MS Office. That opens up a whole new app ecosystem for Microsoft, the lack of which was one of the major reasons the Windows Phone operating system couldn’t hack it in a world of iOS and Android devices.

With Surface Phone definitely coming out sooner or later, it will put Microsoft in a unique position in the smartphone space. No longer will they be the underdogs of mobile. They now have the devices, the operating system and thousands of apps required to attract not only consumers, but also developers. And Microsoft has already prepared the ideal platform for devs to create Windows apps alongside iOS and Android via last year’s acquisition of Xamarin.

surface phone leaked photos

The next trick they need to perform is to generate a massive user base for Windows 10 mobile devices such as Surface Pro 4 and the upcoming Surface Pro 5, as well as the Surface Phone once it’s out.

Without further ado, we present the video that shows the leaked photos of Surface Phone.

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