Windows 10 Creators Update Gets Closer, Microsoft Releases Build 15002 in Preview

Windows 10 Creators Update gets closer with Windows 10 Build 15002

We’re getting closer to the release of the promised and much-awaited Windows 10 Creators Update that brings new UI experiences in 3D and more. Today, Microsoft announced the release of Preview Build 15002 in the Fast Ring, and it gives us a better glimpse on what to eventually expect when the big Windows 10 Creators Update finally arrives.

Build 15002 has tons of updates, some of which we’ve summarized for you here:

Microsoft Edge Updates

First up is the new Tab Preview bar that you can expand and collapse from the tabs bar of Edge. It allows you to see a preview of the tabs you have open.

Second is the ability to set a bunch of tabs aside for later. It’s basically a way to save tab groups and then retrieve them later, and this can be done using the icon on the top left corner of the browser.

Another great feature is a quick launch feature for a new window or inPrivate window. Just swipe up or right-click the Edge icon in the launch bar and you’ll see it.

Just like Google, Microsoft Edge has also started blocking Flash content unless the user specifically allows it.

One really cool feature that Microsoft is using to catch up with Apple Pay integration on Safari is Microsoft Pay. It’s still in a preview state so it won’t actually process payments right now, but it should go live in a subsequent build.

Windows 10 UI

One really important change that’s been brought in to try and converge the Windows 10 experience across desktop and mobile devices is the option to now group your Start tiles into folders. It’s just a way to clean things up and get your tiles more organized, but it underlines Microsoft’s tilt towards device-agnostic design.

They’ve also brought the screengrab feature from OneNote 2016 right into Windows 10. With the Win+Shift+S shortcut you can now grab screenshots on any page and paste it to any app.

Another great addition is better high-DPI support for desktop apps, and this is now default on some apps but you can turn on the compatibility on any GDI-based app. Also for applications that use GDI is a smoother resizing of windows. There were apparently issues brought up that the animation wasn’t smooth enough, which Microsoft has now fixed.

There was also an issue with desktop icons not being restored to their proper size when docking or undocking a mobile device, which has also been fixed with this build.

Also introduced on build 15002 are several improvements to Windows Ink and Cortana as well. For a full list of all change, you can go to Microsoft’s blog. Believe me, it’s a massive list this time!

Windows 10 Build 15002

If you want to be on this build, you will need to sign up to the Windows Insider Program and get on the Fast Ring.

You can do that here: WIP

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