Free Supercharging Ends, Tesla Announces Supercharging Pricing Structure

Supercharging pricing structure announced by Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors officially ends its extended free unlimited Supercharging offer today, January 15, 2017, and all vehicles ordered after today will be put under a tiered pricing for use of Tesla’s Supercharger stations across the United States.

The free unlimited Supercharging offer was originally due to expire on December 31, 2016, which Tesla later extended until today.

Starting January 16, all Tesla EVs will be eligible for an annual free Supercharger credit limit of 400 kWh, or roughly 1000 miles, after which tiered pricing will be applied based on location and other factors.

Depending on the location, billing will be on a per-kWh basis or per-minute basis. Where the billing is on a per-minute basis, Tesla will be offering a Tier 1 and a Tier 2 under this new pricing model. Tier 1 is applicable for charging at under 60kW, and costs half of what Tier 2 does. Tesla has fixed the pricing on all North American states and provinces, as well as separate pricing for the European market.

Users can view pricing and other details on the 17″ touchscreen in their Tesla EVs.

The move to a pricing structure as opposed to a free service is Tesla’s first attempt to monetize its Supercharger network. However, the company reiterated that the Supercharging stations will never work as profit centers.

Those who purchased their cars before the January 15, 2017 deadline will continue to enjoy unlimited free Supercharger use, but may be charged idle fees based on the amount of time they use the Supercharging station for.

A map of Supercharging stations across the globe can be found here. Idle fees for customers under the free unlimited deal can be found here.

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